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Testimonials: Testimonials

Thank you Wendy for everything you have done assisting us with this process. This was something new for Terri and I, and you responded very quickly with all the questions we had.  It has been a pleasure to work with you!

The Mercy's, FL

Thank you Wendy, Jill and your entire team.  Our family is so very pleased to have been able to work with you.  We are sincerely appreciative of all your help and professionalism—you truly went above and beyond.

Julia Nickerson, TX

I learned in this business real fast to chase relationships, not dollars, the rest will come. People worry too much about paying someone like yourself a fee to handle it all and don't look at the time they spend. We are a story of this as we have had much success in less than 3 years. We love you and you are the reason we keep growing and keep our insanity!

James Hunter, Realtor - MVP Realty

We are so lucky to have you represent us! I look forward to our many years together as friends and professional partners! Thank you for making Gullwing #802 the easiest closing and making my clients feel so appreciated and well taken care of.

Loretta Young, Realtor - Royal Shell Real Estate

Hi Wendy, Thank you so much- we are very excited about our purchase. We appreciate all of your help throughout the process - it has been a pleasure to work with you and Jill.

Tim & Nancy Albers, FL

"Wendy and Jill, Thank you for facilitating this sale. You both deserve five stars for attending to all the details with grace and diligence. It really was a smooth process given all the possibilities for what could have gone wrong. People can be unpredictable and hard to gauge. We made a good team and should do this again."

Tom Orban, FL

...The closing coordinator, Wendy Miller, was also quite helpful and effective. In summary, the entire process was relatively low stress and enjoyable. And, we are quite happy with our new home!

Jim Clappin, FL

Lauren, you were extremely helpful and without you and Wendy this transaction would not happen. Not even close. You went over and beyond... Also Wendy is fantastic. She’s Johnnie on the spot. You’re both super quick to respond and extremely motivated. It’s refreshing for me. Thank you for everything you’ve both done.

Dan Dvorznak, FL

Thank you Wendy – you and Lauren have made this transaction a wonderful experience – we feel like we’ve made two great friends in the process! And great to know that we can lean on you every now and then for guidance/advice/trusted contractors – always needed! Much appreciated!

Andrew & Natalie Falcon, FL

It has been a real pleasure working with you, meeting true professionals such as you make the transaction a real treat. I hope we will cross paths in the future and I wish you all the best.

Teresa Flack, Realtor - John R Wood Properties

Lately the wisdom of using a ‘virtual office manager’ has become rather obvious now that actually getting work done in an actual office is highly impractical. If you are considering hiring someone to take care of your business virtually by telephone and computer, Wendy Miller is the person to employ.  

In the early 2000’s my wife and I began our real estate business in Naples, Florida after leaving our real estate business in New Jersey.  Because of the market conditions and the fact that we had been involved in real estate earlier, we did quite well, and quickly knew that we needed someone to help us with our office ‘paperwork’ and organization.  Fortunately, we were able the to hire Wendy to become our office manager.  During that time, our business increased incrementally, largely because she enabled us to be out of the office ‘doing real estate’ rather than being in the office doing paperwork and making phone calls related to contracts.  In real estate, if you get one phone call, it usually means that you’ll need to make countless other calls and then send out emails and texts to all the parties involved many times in the contract process.  Wendy was able to do all of those things without batting an eye. 

 If you have 90 clients, she will know by heart each one’s phone number and email. If you need something done, you don’t have to explain how, she just gets it done.   She’s loyal and diligent, sharp as a tack and a whiz on the computer. In addition, she is a licensed realtor in several states. There really isn’t anything that she can’t do. Some people are very lucky to find what they excel in and to love doing it.  Wendy Miller is that person.

If you’re looking to get your real estate work done, you should employ a virtual assistant, and if you want to increase your business as well, you should employ Wendy Miller. 

Art & Sharon David, Realtors - The David Team

I have had the pleasure of working with Wendy Miller on many real estate transactions. Wendy is a highly competent and polished real estate professional.   Wendy is smart, self-directed and organized.  She works efficiently and effectively to resolve closing issues.  Wendy has a calm manner and demeanor making her an excellent resource and contact person for your clients.  I cannot praise Wendy’s abilities highly enough- she modestly pulls off miracles in the background without seeking any acknowledgement or credit.

M. Francesca Passeri, Attorney at Law - Salvatori Law Office, PLLC

No hassle, straight forward approach. We interacted with 5 different people in this group. From the front desk to the closing coordinator, all were professional, extremely knowledgeable, and accommodating. To single out anyone may seem unfair, but we cannot say enough good things about Wendy who  coordinated all documents and communication once the contract was signed. Her knowledge of the closing process, of the unique requirements of the community we were moving into, of the legal process and her ability to effectively handle communications between buyer and seller were off the charts!

The Markarians, FL particular Wendy has been professional, helpful and pro-active throughout the entire process. We would highly recommend them.

The Mitchells, FL

...What a team. The best of the best! I would like to thank Wendy personally for all the help she gave us. We would not have made this sale without her. Thank you to Doug for hiring her...

The Rappaciuolos, FL

Wendy...very helpful and responsive to all our needs with purchasing our new home. If we had any questions or concerns, Wendy was quick with a response.They made the whole process very easy!

The Scudillos, FL

Very professional group! Sold my condo within target timeline; staged pictures; marketed on several sites; negotiated with my interests in mind; exceeded my expectations! Wendy Miller was exceptional with communications and details!

The Skinners, NC

From our initial meeting to the staging of pictures to showings, they made our condo shine. They helped invaluably during the sale, including negotiating for us and working with us to respond to the inspection. I never had to worry about paperwork; they made it so fast and simple. I can honestly say I trusted this group and they were very true to us and our wishes. Wendy Miller provided input and updates at least weekly and everything worked well! 

The Carltons, NC

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